The new baby is almost here. It’s a pretty hectic time as we hurtle up to delivery date. Such a lot of tiny details to consider.

Decisions, decisions

Any new additions to a family always means decisions have to be made. Sometimes there’s also the need to compromise. To find a happy place that meets the needs of both parties involved.

Decisions of what to keep. What to toss out.

Deciding on names and what colours we like.

Moving things about from here to there. Moving them back again.

A very exciting time

We’ve been thinking about this for almost a year now.  Lots of chats and discussion.

Do we or don’t we really need this? Yes, we’ve been fine the way we were. Content with our lot in life. But, then again, maybe we needed to look at adding in another element.

Long story short, we decided to go for it.

But, hang on a moment – we had to go on the waiting list until our doctor – the expert and very clever Jeni – was able to fit us in for an appointment.

Many hours of consultations, too-ing and fro-ing and finally details were bedded down.

The wait is just about over. Like any excited parents, we played about with the toys, but now it’s about to be born (migrated) so no more fiddling allowed!

The Countdown

The names of the tabs across the top are in place. The colour scheme is bedded down, and delivery day is almost here.

Our new website is about to be born! Will it behave how we want? Who knows, only time will tell.

I’m very excited! AND Nervous too.

Up, up and away – here we go!

How did you feel when you launched a new site? Love you to share your experiences.



Staring down the barrel of the of the last quarter of 2016 can be daunting.

We’re coming up to the year-end sprint finish. Time to turn on an Olympian effort. I’ve got to say I’m feeling less Usain Bolt and more Used Up Burnt.

I need a holiday.

Hah! Fat chance. I’m as likely to get one of those as I am of beating Bolt off the blocks. Snowball in Hell stuff.

I’ve got commitments. A stacked Inbox. A backed up Task Manager. Things to do. People to see. Deadlines to meet.

I’ve got to be on point. Too bad if I’m feeling less than rapier sharp.

Rather than cutting a swathe through it all, maybe I’m bashing along with a baseball bat, but it gets the job done. Perhaps with less panache than I’d like.

But hey, it’s been a big year and I’ve got enough bags under my eyes for a trip to Bali. Eye luggage only.

Truth is, Brand Me is looking a bit tired.

Like a billboard poster left out in all weathers. Not a great advertisement. And I’m not the only one.

Bali RetreatAlmost all my personal and business friends are muttering about needing a break.

So why don’t we take one?

Because we’re women with an inbuilt martyr syndrome?

Because we’re control freaks who won’t trust our associates further than we can throw them?

Because we are our business?

We are our brand.

When was the last time you looked at a brand, one with a weather worn billboard and thought, that looks great, sign me up, I’m in!

Answer – never!

Whether you’re working for someone else, or for yourself, people buy people.

They buy in to Brand YOU. Always.

Maybe we can’t justify a break. But shiny new brand development?

Now we’re talking!

Dragon Sisters & Salty Plum Events have teamed up to run a unique retreat, focussing on Brand YOU refreshing, re-framing and relaxing.

These gals know what they are doing.  Click here to learn more  about what they’ve organised for invigorating Brand YOU!


Yvonne Toering is a business development consultant who has worked with leading organisations and brands including Securicor Group, Vodafone Group, ASDA as well as most of the UK’s major high street retail chains including Marks and Spencer Plc, the National Health Service, Royal Dutch Shell Plc, Mars UK, and the Grand Metropolitan Group, owners of Burger King, Smirnoff, Samuel Webster Brewers, Haagen Daas, Cinzano and other iconic brands.