The Only 3 Essentials You Need for Great Video

Do you ever feel you can’t get started on something because you don’t have the right equipment? I know that I always thought making a great video yourself was hard.

I mean I can hardly take a selfie!

How on earth was I going to make a video of myself, let alone a great one?

I have tried to use my smart phone to make videos of family stuff before, but I wasn’t exactly satisfied with my result – they were not what you’d call great video! Sure, the phone is smart, but I was not so smart. I needed to find an expert.

Well, Ludwig says there are only 3 essentials that are required to make great video yourself. Watch the video below and discover what they are.

Next week we’ll be sharing some quick tips on:

  • how to look great and appear relaxed
  • different kinds of video
  • how to sound natural
  • scripting

If you have a burning question about making your own video, feel free to drop us a note or leave a comment. We’ll try to come up with the answer.

On a personal note, I am really enjoying this learning curve. There are some really wonderful tools available that do not cost the earth, but are so helpful when trying to jiggle your smart phone and film yourself at the same time.

When I first filmed myself for Facebook Live, I pinned my phone to my corkboard because I couldn’t figure how to get it to hold stead. Needless to say, I have improved since then, and thankfully my phone didn’t fall off the board! That would have been a very expensive exercise.

If you’re finding these tips helpful, I’d love you to leave a comment. Of course, it goes without saying that you are most welcome to share with any others that you think would benefit from these handy tips.


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