Productivity is not a by-product of lots of activity. 

It’s really easy to look busy, to bustle about from one activity to the next, but it is important to recognise that being busy does not always equate with being productive.

This is exactly why is it so very important to be consciously aware of what you are investing your time in.

A great example of this is time spent on social media – it’s got to be one of the biggest time wasters around.

Yes, social media is crucial when you’re in business. If you are bootstrapping it is even more important to harness what is available at no cost.

Conscious Awareness

BUT…we each need to be consciously aware of avoiding the rabbit holes that social media temptingly offers as we scroll through newsfeeds.

Sponsored ads, powerful tempting images with great headlines are popping up in our feeds.

It’s clever.

The advertisers are tempting us to click away from whatever it is that we are doing.

It’s a real trap that is so easy to fall into – and I’ll confess it has got me several times!

The solution?

Focus on Productivity

When you’re looking at the productive habits of highly effective people, it all comes down to…

Staying focussed and being disciplined.

Productivity comes from knowing where you are going. And taking those measurable, achievable and progressive steps.

Steps that are moving you along the path to successfully achieving your goal.

No matter what that goal is – large or small – the formula you follow for productivity is exactly the same.

The teachings of the late and great Jim Rohn suggest asking yourself:

Who am I around?
What are they doing to me?
What have they got me reading?
What have they got me saying?
Where do they have me going?
What do they have me thinking?
And most importantly, what do they have me becoming?

When you stop to ask yourself those questions there is a shift in perspective.

Have you taken the time to ask yourself these questions? If not, take a moment now and run through them.

Love you to let me know in the comments how you ensure you’re at your productive best.

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6 thoughts on “PRODUCTIVITY vs ACTIVITY”

  1. I’m not much of a time waster on social media – but I could certainly improve not stretching myself too thinly.
    Have decided to spend the last quarter seriously contemplating what ‘sparks joy’ and what doesn’t. Instead of taking on everything I’m asked to (voluntary roles I’m talking about) – I am now only keeping the ones that spark joy for me – as they’re the ones that fuel me for all other workloads!

    Usually I skip through any emails not part of day to day business – so glad I took an opportunity to open this one from someone who sparks joy for so many.

    Thank you Michelle

  2. Some great tips here, thanks Michelle. Our society is so caught up in busy-ness it is important to be able to discern the difference between being busy and being productive.

    I’m still working on that lesson!

    Love the questions you pose, too. Developing self-awareness to know when it’s time to change things up is another powerful tip. Thank you. 😊

  3. Ah this is so true! I’m a science nerd and can geek out for hours on the answer to a simple question read on Facebook 😎👍

    Feeds the elephant’s child but rarely ‘Gets Stuff Done’ – and I have a GSD list which is having its own babies in the night and never seems to get shorter.

    Time to get out the idea-pruning shears, I think.

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