On the edge of my seat

I’m a bit like a cat on a hot tin roof.

Seriously, so far I have drunk 3 cups of coffee, munched my way through a chicken leg, an apple and a tub of yoghurt. If there was a bag of chips around I would have eaten those too!

Hanging out for the election results is nerve wracking!

I was Campaign Manager for Katrina Fong Lim who has once again run for the office of Lord Mayor.

Election Day was last Saturday and what a day it was.  Long, hot and exhausting but our team of volunteers smiled through it all despite, at times, challenging situations.

Overwhelmed to have such a diverse range of people all supporting Katrina. It speaks volumes for her standing in the community.

Vote Counting

When the votes were counted, Katrina was in the lead by 1307 votes. Not enough to be declared the winner as here in Australia we have a fully preferential system. First past the post is not enough.

This week the Electoral Commission has continued the counting.  Katrina is now 1408 votes ahead. But it is still not enough and the gap is not wide enough for my liking.

Nerve wracking to say the least!

The postal votes closed at noon today. More counting this afternoon and the Electoral Commission will update their website later today.

I am not sure when later today is and it’s driving me crackers!

Waiting for Results

I’ve been hitting the refresh button with regularity and watching the Facebook feed.


My phone keeps ringing with supporters wanting to know if there is an update.

Katrina has done the smart thing and headed off to Kakadu, so not in mobile contact range – maybe I should have done the same!

Will we know the final results today? I sincerely hope so.

But…. the official annoucment will be made by the Electoral Commssion at 10 am on Monday morning.

I hope my girl wins. I firmly believe she is the BEST for the job. We’ve run a very clean campaign. Our volunteers were courteous at all times and we never bagged other candidates who were running.

We chose not to make any preference deals because Katrina is independent. Her platform – practical, positive and independent – politics do not belong at Council level.

I am very proud to have been her Campaign Manager, and honoured she chose to work with me again this election.

Now…what can I eat next while I hit that refresh button again!




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