“Pull Up Your Knickers and Go to Bed”

Editor’s note:   Yvonne’s latest post is rather cheeky, but I’m letting it go up. Let me know if you enjoy it!

It’s 12.48 a.m. on a weeknight and I’m sitting at my laptop.

Crazy? Well, that’s how I roll.


And it’s not because I have just rolled in from a wild night out on the tiles. If you’re a Dragon Sisters client reading this, please note that I don’t mean that I am actually crazy.

If you’re sniggering, then you’ve probably been with Dragon Sisters a looong time.

I’m still up at crazy-o’clock, because my daughter is swotting for an exam. Since I’m no Marine Science whizz, I’ve been pretty much hanging around for moral support, supplying essentials like cups of tea and chocolate.

Michelle and I have been playing phone tag all day, so when the text ‘you still up?’ comes through, I ring her. She’s been out all day and so have I.

She’s in The Northern Territory. I’m in Queensland.

For our out-of-Oz friends, that’s a distance of 3424.5 km. If you drive your car with an average speed of 112 kilometres/hour (70 miles/h), travel time will be 30 hours 34 minutes. I know because Google says so. That’s assuming you don’t catch a kangaroo on your fender or run down the night roadworks Stop sign guy. If you’ve ever hit a kangaroo, you’d know which one you’d wear better.

At this hour, I don’t feel particularly like being politically correct. Ho hum.

The one thing that is great about working with your sister, is that there’s no P.C. code to observe; nor office hours.

If we’re up for bouncing around ideas at a ridiculous hour, we can. So, we spend a happy forty minutes nattering and nutting out some campaign ideas and off-the-wall marketing strategies.

It’s perfect. I’m just about bouncing off the wall with my in-take of caffeine anyway. Clients don’t know when you come up with your best stuff or that your creative muse was a midnight snack.

It doesn’t matter that the creative process is interspersed with give-aways like the sound of me foraging in the fridge like a mole after a maggot, having told Michelle off for talking with her mouth full.

What are you eating?”

Crackers! Not as in she’s crackers.

As in, she’s driving me crackers because it sounds like someone is driving an ice-breaker through my ear-piece. Michelle is enjoying cheese and crackers, more than I am, hearing her enjoying them. But it has made me hungry, hence, pay-back, in the form of rustling every bit of refrigerated packaging I can find in close proximity to the microphone. Ha! Take that!

By the time we’ve chomped and guzzled our way through the duration of our conversation, we’re pretty excited about our new ideas. Which, naturally, will be presented to each client in rather more style than their inception. Which is just as well …

As I’m about to ring off, I hear the tell-tale toilet flush. I bid good-night to my sedate sibling, “Pull up your knickers and go to bed.”

Too much information?

Ah well, sorry about that.

Don’t worry, we hatched your marketing strategy in a stereo-typical meeting room, over bottles of Perrier. Really.

Fly like a dragon!


Yvonne Toering is a business development consultant who has worked with leading organisations and brands including Securicor Group, Vodafone Group, ASDA as well as most of the UK’s major high street retail chains including Marks and Spencer Plc, the National Health Service, Royal Dutch Shell Plc, Mars UK, and the Grand Metropolitan Group, owners of Burger King, Smirnoff, Samuel Webster Brewers, Haagen Daas, Cinzano and other iconic brands.

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