Feeling scared of going on Facebook Live?

Okay – so you know that Facebook Live is a pretty hot trend.

If you’re feeling a little bit scared (ok, maybe a lot!) – don’t stress. You are not alone in the fear.

Fear is not a bad thing as it can often help to keep us laser focussed on the task at hand. It’s pretty amazing what we can do when there’s no second chance.

What’s the worst that can happen?

Freeze up? Make a few bloopers? That’s okay. We all have to start somewhere.

Remember, people buy people. That means authenticity, not something all slick and flash. That’s the beauty of Facebook Live – it’s so authentic.

You also know it can only be done from your phone – right?


You can now record live from your computer.

My very clever friend, Ludwig Linnekogel has discovered how. He’s created this great FREE course on how to do it and I just had to share with all you guys. I also thought it could only be done via the phone.

Recording via computer is going to mean a lot less stress than using an itty bitty phone.

If you’re out and about, you’ll still need to use your phone. Here’s the link to my original blog post 7 Tops Tips for Using Facebook Live.

And here’s (the middle bit) of my first ever attempt at Facebook Live -it was an adventure to say the least, but I do practice what I preach!

So what are you waiting for? Go for it!

Love you to drop me a note, or a link to your clip and let me know how you went.

Here’s to your success!


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