Wondering how to manage great video sound quality when recording on your phone?

Our clever friend, Ludwig, is sharing some advice for how to best to deal with video sound issues. It’s so simple, but not necessarily what we’d think of first up. Everything is easy – once you know how!

As I always say, ask an expert and things suddenly seem so much easier.

Now, if you’re wondering about the difference a microphone makes to your video sound, check out this next little snippet. It’s Ludwig practising what he preaches ie. just being natural and quickly recording a clip to share with us – no editing!

If you want to take the brave step into using video – just do exactly this. Follow the tips and go for it!

I’ve been taking these tips on board too. On Sunday I recorded a quick clip while out on the dragon boat.

If you’d like to check out what I get up to most Sunday mornings, click here to see exactly how it came out. You’ll get a glimpse of beautiful Darwin Harbour where we paddle – and we even saw dolphins this week, but I wasn’t able to record that very well.

I have no idea how to edit, and didn’t have my glasses on, but I’m pretty pleased with the results – it came out okay!  At least I think it did. What do you reckon?

Love to see what video’s you are inspired to make! Feel free to share a link in the comments box if you’d like to blow your own trumpet.


PS – Ludwig has a private Facebook group you may like to join. Just follow this link to sign up – it’s free and full of valuable tips and ideas.


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