Have you noticed a huge trend to use video as a way to engage with your audience?

Of course you have! Okay, maybe you haven’t, but take a moment to check and you’ll soon spot a trend.

As an oldie and as an avid reader, I have to say that, as a rule, I much prefer to read rather than watch something on video. Okay, there are a few exceptions and Game of Thrones is one of them!

Whilst I’m always game to try something new, I guess one thing that has been holding me back is the poor quality of many of the videos I’ve seen. By this, I mean the dreadful lighting, sound and even the speaker’s mannerisms or voice.

However, with the advent of Facebook Live, I decided that I need to get with the times because as a smarketer how could I be advising people to use all these wonderful new tools when I did not practice what I was preaching?

Perfection = ProcrastinationI always like to walk the walk before I presume to talk the talk.  Bearing in mind that we always need to start somewhere and that nothing is ever perfect, I jumped on Facebook Live.

If you visit our Facebook page, you’ll see my very first effort – complete with glitches.

I was also recently interviewed by a client, Dee Waterson from Ignite Yourself, who was starting a feature spot on Women in Business. Dee asked me to be her first interviewee.  Up until this point, all public video I have been involved with has been with professionals behind the camera. Clearly, this was a sign for me to start understanding what it takes to make a half decent video clip all by myself.

You don’t have to be an expert at everything, but you do need to find your own expert. If you aim to offer a reasonable quality product that you expect people to pay attention to, as opposed to being distracted by minor annoyances that are actually quite fixable, you definitely need some expert advice.

As is often the way, life puts the right person in your path at just the right moment.

Ludwig Linnekogel is a cinematographer with a very generous spirit. He shares my philosophy of paying it forward and has some great tips and advice to share that will help you master the task of making your own video clips.

Ludwig has kindly agreed to create a selection of tips and ideas for me to share.  They are designed to be consumed in small chunks, and  readily actionable. Before long we’ll all be experts!

As Ludwig says “Everyone started somewhere with their first video. None were great from the get go. The more you practice the more “you” using video will become.



PS Make sure you check back regularly so you never miss a tip.


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