Isn’t hindsight a fabulous and frustrating thing?

It’s fabulous when you can look back, satisfied with the choices you made, and frustrating when dissatisfied enough to think, ‘If I knew then what I know now … I wouldn’t have done that/I would have done this’, or whatever it is that you would change if you could.

Which you can’t unless you have a Tardis. And you don’t. See, a bit frustrating sometimes!

The biggest frustration is when there was a great opportunity – there for the taking – had you only known …

Which usually only becomes apparent when someone, other than you, beats you to the punch. In the words of Homer Simpson, this can be a ‘Doh!’ moment.

Yet there are those people in life, and in business, who never seem to slip up in this way. Not that we’re jealous (no green-eyed monsters here), but have thoughts like these ever bounced across your brain? ‘I should be so lucky!’ or ‘That guy has all the luck!’ or ‘How does she do it?!’

Is it luck, or do they know something you don’t?

What’s noticeable about these types of people is that they’re consistent. They rarely bobble up and down like a ping pong ball in a wave machine. There’s something that anchors them, keeps them on course, on point.

They have a specific mindset. We call it a Smarketing Mindset.

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.ConfuciusWe coined the term ‘smarketing’, because, in business, you have to have a consistent approach to everything, a specific mindset. If you don’t, you’ll find that the results you get peak and trough (like the ping pong ball), and your performance averages out at, well – average.

By your approach to everything, we mean just that: Everything you do and say. Every decision you make. Everything you think.

And before you think, ‘this Dragon Sisters lot sound like a brain-washing cult,’ one of the key things in developing a Smarketing Mindset, is honing your own, unique voice, to cut through the white noise of sameness.

Smarketing is simply a mindset that you can develop to constantly and consistently create and maximise opportunities – even the ones you may not have noticed (remember those are the ones we lost to that person with a charmed life?)

Some people are born Smarketers (OK there was an element of luck with them there). Most people become Smarketers by learning a system which gives them the same advantages: being one of those sorts who rarely miss an opportunity and, importantly, know how to create opportunity.

Smarketing is about strategy – not the sort you write down for your boss or your bank manager – the sort you live by until it becomes second nature.

It’s your personal formula of communication and promotion. It personalizes your sales, your marketing, your business. It sets you, and your business, apart from the rest.

If you want to make your own luck – it’s time to get smarketing!

Michelle & Yvonne

Michelle Hanton is a multi-award winning bespoke business strategist, working internationally as a consultant, coach, speaker and writer. She has a keen interest in the not-for-profit sector and is the former CEO of Lifeline Top End, and founder of Dragons Abreast Australia, a national charity dedicated to the promotion of breast cancer awareness.

Yvonne Toering is a business development consultant who has worked with leading organisations and brands including Securicor Group, Vodafone Group, ASDA as well as most of the UK’s major high street retail chains including Marks and Spencer Plc, the National Health Service, Royal Dutch Shell Plc, Mars UK, and the Grand Metropolitan Group, owners of Burger King, Smirnoff, Samuel Webster Brewers, Haagen Daas, Cinzano and other iconic brands.

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