6 Steps to Managing Your Social Media

You can love it or hate it, but the bottom line is, on a business level, we need to engage in some way or other with social media.

If you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated social media manager, you won’t need to worry, but for smaller businesses and solopreneurs it’s all too easy to become overwhelmed.

A common dilemma

What to post?

How often?

These are questions so many people ask themselves.

You can end up wasting heaps of time on a daily basis flicking through social media looking for inspiration.

Precious time that you could be dedicating to building your business and serving clients.

Social Media Connections(1)Our latest tip sheet 6 Steps to Strategic Social Media Posting will save you heaps of time. It’s totally FREE as are most of our resources.

Process = progress. Nail down the process (as outlined on the tip sheet) and you’ll find yourself making much more progress, plus saving heaps of time!


PS – as always, love your feedback

Michelle Hanton is a multi-award winning bespoke business strategist, working internationally as a consultant, coach, speaker and writer. She has a keen interest in the not-for-profit sector and is the former CEO of Lifeline Top End, and founder of Dragons Abreast Australia, a national charity dedicated to the promotion of breast cancer awareness.



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