Taking Time Out For Yourself

Time Out….are you one of the lucky ones who will manage 4 days off over this Easter break? Completely away from work. If you are, then it’s YEAH for you!

For me, it’s a combo of family time, gardening, a little bit of work and watching a TV series on Netflix, Call the Midwife, set back in the early 50’s in the East End of London. Life was definitely hard back in those days.

This morning, as I was pushing the lawnmower around, in the sweltering Darwin heat, I thought, briefly, that I should maybe consider paying someone to do my lawns.

But hey, doing the lawns is great exercise plus it’s prime thinking time for me. I like going up and down in rows, I enjoy the smell of the freshly cut grass (except if I accidentally run over a dog poo!) and it’s also great exercise. As is bending down to pull out the weeds – great workout!20160326_164842

When you’re your own boss or working in senior management, it’s often really hard to get time away to exercise – unless it’s carefully planned.

When the buck stops with you – for generating your own income, or answering to boards, it’s hard.

I know, it’s the life I have lived for many years (and I still work for myself), so I hear you!

Doing my own lawn keeps me fit. It also gives me a great sense of achievement when I look out on my garden. A totally different sense of achievement to when I complete a project, but it’s just as good a feeling.

It’s really important to make time for what is truly important in your life. In my book that is looking after yourself first and foremost.

Unless you are at optimum level, then you can’t give your family or your business the attention they both need.

Through my lawn mowing efforts, I’m combing a chore, exercise and free thinking time.

Inspiration comes in many forms and when you’re open to looking at things differently, this is when the best ideas and solutions often pop out. I get all kinds of bright ideas when I’m not actively looking for them.

How about you?  When do you do your best thinking?


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